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Sesshomaru and Rin at a Human Festival by Flatwaffles29

So, i haven’t and normally don’t do fan art for long periods of time, however i was rewatching Inuyasha and speed sketched this little piece. (about 45 min with your typical mechanical pencil. One of these days i will use high quality colors and stuff, i swear.)

I imagine for Rin’s 14/15(?) birthday she may have asked Sesshomaru to take her to a human festival. I can see him agreeing to it. They are both wearing (somewhat)traditional Japanese outfits. Here they found a nice quiet place to sit and watch lanterns pass by while Rin realizes her tongue is blue from a Popsicle.( Did they even have those?) 
It isn’t really a ship fanart. Ship them if you want, though this picture could be anywhere from an impromptu date to friends to father/daughter like.
I didn’t add Sesshomaru’s fluff because not only am i unsure whether it is removable or not, but also it was too big for the picture and i am not sure where that thing actually starts.

To add to the anime debate…

I feel like, aside from the art and story not translating over well into a quality anime(if there is one, they may surprise us with fantastic fluidity, but assuming they don’t) the fact that it is a manga makes it all the more appealing. You can go at your own pace, if it is too drawn out for you, move forward, if it is to fast, re-read a few panels before continuing. An anime would take away the slice of life feel that the reader enjoys from the sheer “i am reading not watching”. It allows a more imagination provoking feel of being in the story. Filling in all of the little movement gaps and pondering actions on a deeper level.

You have more time to think about it and absorb it, is what i am saying. I don’t really want an anime. 

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